Most VPN providers sold snake oil

How it started?
The high number of rogue providers and the general rise in encryption have turned public opinion against Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) VPNs, revealing whether most consumers actually need a VPN. I was. With the proliferation of privacy scandals and hacks over the past decade, VPNs have quickly emerged as a kind of mysterious elixir that can protect you from all online harm. Unsurprisingly, this has led to a spate of his VPN competitors being outright scammers, making misleading claims about the data they collect, and failing to protect consumer data. .


They sold your data
Fraudulent VPN providers are the main reason for switching. A Consumer Reports survey last month looked at the top 16 VPN providers and found that most misrepresented their products and how they hold data, with many actually putting consumers' privacy at greater risk. Only a quarter of the VPNs surveyed clearly state how long they keep their users' browsing and other data. The gold rush and regulatory indifference created an environment in which the industry's foundations rotted, creating products that actually put consumer privacy and security at greater risk.


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