Google is trying to shutdown Android for the new "Fuchsia OS"

How it started?
Google has created its latest open source system, the Fuchsia OS, but could it compete with Android? Google has unveiled the all-new Fuchsia operating system. Consumers have devices that run both Google's current operating systems, Chrome OS and Android, and Google has been working hard over the past few years to develop its next operating system. New android?


Google has been fairly quiet about the project, with Google releasing a guide on how to run the operating system on one of its Pixel books in 2018 and putting the code on GitHub before launching its official website in 2019. It first leaked in 2016 after being shared. The new operating system is designed to work universally across all devices. Imagine it running on all your devices, from phones to laptops to car dashboards. Also, be honest about smart objects like traffic lights.


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Wikipedia about Fuchsia OS
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