Android AOSP is more secure than Apple iOS

One of the world's leading cybersecurity experts has warned that an alarming new rise in malicious apps poses a far more serious threat to iPhone users than you might think. According to him, the iPhone has a surprising security flaw.


Before Covid-19, the world was relatively simple. "If you're easy to attack," Schweed told me at the time, you'll be attacked. , “Half of companies worldwide have evidence that [at least one] employee has a malicious application, making them vulnerable to external attacks,” he said. say.


Today's mobile security posture is dire. How many smartphones that access enterprise systems today don't have security software on them?"95% of them don't," he says. There is an urgent need to play the CISO's catch-up game. When using a smartphone to access corporate systems, security must be ensured. "And it's very simple. You go to the portal and say, 'If you want to keep this, download this software here. Click here to use it.' And it's simple."

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